Janvier 2015
Et oui... sommes toujours en Oman! Nous prendrons bien la route mais ni aujourd'hui, ni demain. Le mois prochain ? Probablement pas. Quand ? plus tard...

En attendant nous allons continué à nous amuser ici!

Week-end dernier à Wadi Shatan. Vous remarquerez qu'il fait froid en Oman en ce moment ;-)

 Jebel Shams, point culminant d'Oman - 3000 m, en arrière plan.

Notre petit explorateur.

Petit-dej bien au chaud!

Séance puzzles - jeu qui ne prend pas beaucoup de place ;-)
October 2014
White sugar dunes in Khaluf, 5 hours drive south of Muscat.
What a place!

Our Little Bedu having his breakfast... already in his swimming suit and ready for his morning paddling session with Mama Bedu!
October 2014
Bar al Hikman, sea level, turn left at the so called "Bar al Hikman tree", follow the bedu track for 45 min... Crossing quite a dangerous sabkrah. GPS with track needed!

 In the middle of nowhere... but finally arriving at the lagoon for some fun : swim, stand up paddle with the turtles and rays, canoe and kite-surf! What a trip! Thanks to Mike for joining.

September 2014
Jabal Shams, 2000m altitude in a moonless night. The white cloud in the background is not smoke coming out of Mr. Fogg, it is the Milky Way!

30 seconds exposure, 800 iso, f/2.8

Valloire 2014

We went to the annual 4x4 fair in Valloire, where we met the whole gang from Cellule Touareg. Nice to exchange tips and tricks between users and see the latest developments. Loved the Nissan Cabstar 3.5T version... something to keep in the radar screen for later.

And what if we drove to Cape Town after our posting in Oman?

I can't really re-trace the instant zero. That one minute fraction of a second when the idea came to my mind that we could go for a long distance overland journey as a family. Maybe it was always there, hidden in a corner, ready to spring to life at the first opportunity.

What is sure is that Ingrid and I always loved travelling. We like remote places, wildlife and strange cultures. We were not too sure about the idea of traveling with a kid, but the visit of a french family in Muscat during what was their third long-range trip finally convinced us that it was possible.

It could have been a trip around the world in a sailing yacht, but Ingrid is way too sea sick for that. Plus our experience in Oman and Malaysia of 4x4 trips was just wonderful, and we wanted to grow it further.

So there it was, one day I asked for a 6-month sabbatical, bought a truck and got a living cell made. This was only the beginning. Now we are at the planning stage, getting everything ready to put our lives on "pause" for a while and enjoy what is likely to be the holiday of our life. There is a lot to do, but we believe it is well worth it.

Why Africa? Because there is a lot to discover and explore. Because the weather is fair. Because it is close to where we are now. Because this is arguably one of the last remaining great adventures on Earth.

Direction: south-southwest!